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About Us

Our Centre was created in 1987 by the efforts of a number of inspired entrepreneurs, implementing an innovative and effective teaching methodology in English and Spanish that revolutionized the language market.

Our aim is to develop highly effective teaching skills in our trainees to help them to become highly successful teachers who can implement our revolutionary methodology. Interactions between our trainees and tutors are based on mutual values of truthfulness, ethical considerations and respect. Trainees are encouraged to write down their objectives when they first start the course and to continuously review their own progress.

It is our belief that learning a new language should be as natural as when we first learned to speak in our childhoods. Trainees therefore learn to teach a new language using the Living Language technique, which is a stimulating learning method that allows people to communicate in a second language with similar ease with which they communicate in their own language.

We believe that the efficiency of the learning process determines the success of the results and that personalization and naturalness in the learning process aligns with the personal characteristics and learning style of each student. Our trainees learn how to run classes that stimulate students in a continuous way through the interaction, movement, humour, challenges, relevance and practical usefulness of the themes and situations practiced.

Our Training Center

Our English Language and Training Centre is located on Rua Antonio Carlos in Sao Paulo. It is only 2 blocks away from Avenida Paulista, a financially important avenue extending for nearly 2km and on which lies the headquarters of many financial and cultural institutions. Our centre comprises comfortable, modern classrooms with the latest, dependable facilities.

Positioned close to a shopper’s paradise of businesses, the centre has access to many delicious cultural varieties of cuisine and an imposing landscape to captivate those with an appreciation for architectural feats. Training for a CELTA at our centre brings you exceptional job opportunities and an unforgettable experience.

Our Tutors

We select the most experienced and qualified tutors to ensure we offer the best quality in teacher training. All of our tutors participate in teacher development courses, enabling them to keep up to date with the latest teaching techniques and resources. Our tutors have competent interpersonal skills and interactions with our trainees are guided by mutual respect, ethical considerations and honesty.

To facilitate progress, tutors offer helpful advice and support through one-to-one tutorials. Additionally, through persistent encouragement and feedback, tutors boost trainee confidence and skill acquisition ensuring trainees obtain the prestigious CELTA qualification.

Job Placement & Support

Many of our graduates find employment opportunities teaching English in local schools in the financial hub of Sao Paulo or abroad. Other graduates set up their own schools, teach ESOL, give online tuition or continue to travel while taking up temporary positions. With a CELTA qualification the international job market is at your feet. You decide just how far you want to go.

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Make a lasting impression amidst the ever growing competition with our CELTA course, which is the most globally recognized TESOL qualification and the first choice of employers worldwide.

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